Sunday, February 11, 2007
The Finalists!
Man, you guys sure do think I'm weird. Hee! I heartily enjoyed your comments on the last entry. I had a hard time coming up with my six favourites.

I also have a few additions to comments made about my own six weird things. Several of you were amused by the idea of me buying Harry Potter in my wedding dress. Here's the evidence!


That's Jana with her back to us (doesn't her hair look nice?), my sister-in-law Donna next to her (she drove us around all day), my sister Beth in behind, and then me, obviously. It had just stopped raining about forty minute before this photo was taken. My photographer, to his credit, happily came along to the bookstore and didn't make a single remark about what a weirdo he thought I was.


Here I am with my two copies of the book. (One of them was for Donna. I actually pre-purchased them a few days before so I was just picking them up.) I got some hilarious looks in the bookstore. I did warn the store people that I was coming. I used to work at this bookstore, so it was neat to stop off there. Actually, you can see another weird thing about me in this photo - my earrings are Mickeys! They're very pretty, and you can't tell what they are unless you're staring directly at my ears. I bought them in Disneyland on my bachelorette trip with Jana the previous March. They're blue (my birthstone), and I liked them so much that I decided to wear them to the wedding. It made me happy to know I was wearing such silly earrings. Even my mother had to admit that they were quite pretty and that hardly anyone would notice what they were. (I did tell a lot of people, though, since it amused me.)


This is one of my favourite photos, and proof that our photographer was very on the ball. As soon as we got into the bookstore, Erin picked up the book to flip to the back and started reading it aloud to us. (Apparently she always reads the end first! I was horrified by that.) I grabbed the book from her and smacked her with it. If you know Erin, you can HEAR her laugh in this photo. She has a very distinctive (and infectious) laugh, and she laughs harder than anyone else I know. I like this picture because it's such a good representation of our relationship, and it's so natural! None of this posed crap.

As you can tell by these pictures, my three bridesmaids wore different dresses in the same fabric. Pretty, aren't they? The whole set of wedding photos is here should you want to stalk me further.

Uh, where was I? Right, the finalists!

Here they are, with comments from me.

For a book person, I watch a lot of tv. (LadyLungDoc, aka Somerset, who was my first downstream Secret Pal.)

This is totally true. It’s partly just that I’m pretty low on other responsibilities, so I have lots of time to both read and watch TV. These days I mostly just read before bed, because I can knit while I watch TV. Also, I hate doing only one thing at a time, so I’m usually either surfing the internet or watching TV while I knit. (Or both. As I write this, I have a sock in my lap that I’m occasionally knitting on, and we’re watching Lord of the Rings.)

I talk to my Rogue. (Sue)

Hee! This totally cracked me up. I should clarify that I really only talk to it in the form of blog entries. I don’t actually chat with it while we’re sitting around in my chair or anything. Mostly.

I named my laptop Neville. (Kaitie Tee)

Now, in fairness, it did need a name for the network, so I don’t think naming a computer is in and of itself totally weird. (Even Jamie’s computer has a name – Heximephicles – and he doesn’t name anything.) However, what is weird (and obsessive) about this is that when I was setting up my computer when I got it in the fall, I got about four steps into the setup process when it asked me for the name. I hadn’t even fully booted it yet, and yet I spent about forty minutes on the phone with Karen discussing what I should call it. I am very partial to the name Neville.

I name everything. My laptops have names. (Giles and Neville.) My car has a name. (Rosie.) My iPod has a name. (Rupert.) Even my cell phone used to have a name, although my current one doesn’t. I haven’t named my chair, though, even though it’s probably the inanimate object I spend the most time with. Mmm, chair.

It took you years to make your first pair of socks, and then you made 9? 10? 11? pairs in 4 months! (Michele)

Yeah, this was a little weird. I’ve mentioned before that I seriously wanted to learn how to make socks for years. That’s not an exaggeration. The first pair of handmade socks I was given was from my friend’s mother in grade 8, so I would have been…12. As soon as I saw them I wanted to know how to make them. (They were awesome socks which have tragically since been lost.) I knit my first pair of socks last February, 3 weeks before my 25th birthday. Once I learned, I was totally addicted.

You hoped your yellow-ish Sweet Georgia yarn was named after an obscure firefly character, rather than confronting the cruel truth - that Saffron does dye things yellow :) (lupinbunny)

This amused me immensely. I don’t think it’s totally unreasonable that the yarn could have been named after YoSafBridge, since Sweet Georgia yarns are frequently named after Jossverse characters. Still, I am willing to admit that I might just be being obsessive.

There are blue letters on your shower curtain. Seriously, who reads in the shower?! ;) (Jessica)

I totally picked my shower curtain because I think words are very decorative. (This is because I am a big nerd.) When Erin and I lived together, we had a page from the dictionary and a page from a thesaurus framed and on our wall. We also had a huge metal board that was covered in magnetic poetry. (That’s now down in our laundry room, which is the only part of the house we share, although we totally run in and out of each other's halves of the houses all the time. It's very handy having a neighbour like that - we borrow things all the time for cooking.) When Erin went to Washington D.C. last year she bought me a bag covered in the names of authors, because she knew I would like how nerdy it was, how pretty the names were all over the bag, and also figured it was a good size for knitting. (It is – perfect for a sweater and a sock. How’s that for a good friend?)

And I have often wished I could read in the shower. One time I was reading in the bathroom as I got ready to shower, and I was so caught up in the book that I came within about six inches of getting into the shower with my book. (This wouldn’t be so embarrassing if I was, like, nine at the time, but this was about two months ago.)

So. Clearly, I am a weirdo. That's ok. I've embraced the weirdness.

Stay tuned for the winner! And, hopefully, a photo of my first finished sock pal sock, or at least very close to finished. We've still got two and a half hours of Fellowship left so it's looking promising.


Anonymous Laina said...
I totally stalked your wedding photos. I have come to the conclusion that you may be my hero for getting Harry Potter in your wedding dress. I am so excited about the last book that when I work for the city this summer, I am totally having a Harry Potter party with the kids at my park.

...Yeah, I probably need some hobbies.

Blogger Jessica said...
You know, to me going to get Harry Potter on your wedding day is not that weird at all. Maybe it's because we share a love for all things Harry! :D

Last book my bf and I picked it up at a book store. We also got a poster, bracelet, and plastic Harry Potter glasses. We wore those around all day the mall, to lunch, etc. We got the strangest stares. The kids loved it. You could tell they knew what it was about. Now the elderly people. The looked at us like we were wearing our underwear on our heads!

Blogger Kaitie Tee said...
Oooh I'm a finalist! (crossing fingers hoping I'll win)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm thrilled that you shared the pictures! They are great and you are absolutely beautiful! What a gorgeous bride you made! Erin and I share something in common too...perhaps that is a hint...
-Your Knittyboard SP

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I had a very big problem: I don't think you are weird. Ergo, no contest entry.

Either you're normal, or I'm your kind of weird.


Blogger Ingrid said...
Love the stuffed monkey on the top of the page, LOVE the wedding pics! Nice blog hun, keep up the good work!