Monday, January 29, 2007
The Rogue Rogue Cables
Well. It is apparently not a good weekend for cables. Cara over at January One has had a crisis on her Central Park Hoodie, in a very similar fashion to me. (ie a cable a million miles down that you REALLY don't want to rip out to!) Reading that motivated me to look at some actual Rogues to see how it's supposed to look. And guess what I figured out?

Both sides are wrong. Great. But not, of course, wrong in the same way. Oh no! That would be too easy.

Here's a closeup (not a very good one - sorry) of one of the side pretzel cables.

Rogue mistake 1

This is the line of the cable on this side.

Rogue closeup 1

Here's the other side.

Rogue mistake 2

And this is the line of this cable.

Rogue closeup 2

Not at all the same. I have NO idea how I managed that, but there we are. So now the question is, what do I do?

I have to confess, I'm leaning towards "nothing." It's not like it's in a very noticeable place, and it's not like it looks COMPLETELY terrible. Does it? I don't think it does. If anyone is looking that closely at my hip we have bigger problems. But mostly, I'm not convinced I know how to fix it, and at this point I reeeeeally don't want to rip it out. (That is just not an option.)

Still, I feel like a moron. An irritated moron. One day, I will knit a flawless cabled sweater. But that day is not today.

Maybe Central Park. But let's not jump to conclusions.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'd venture to say only a knitter staring at/examining your work might notice. It's on two different sides of your body so it's not even like they will be matched up side to side. I have no suggestions on how to fix it and honestly, I probably would just leave it. I know others would RIP but I wouldn't. Good Luck!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
If you like it enough to leave it, leave it. Who needs symmetry? (Only those people who need it.) If you're ok, then knit on...


Blogger DeltaDawn said...
That's one I wouldn't fix... I did Rogue, and ripped and reknitted so many times - I had to take out the entire back above the armholes to get back to the beginning of the cable on the v-neck to repair - AAAARGH! Tried to drop back to repair, which was hysterical, had an expert with little bitty tools attempt it, and it still looked dicey. These cables are too fancy to make those repairs seem workable. No one but you will ever notice the miss-cross - promise.

Blogger Lone Knitter said...
I don't have much experience in cables--I've only done simple ones.

And you've been tagged! See my blog for details.

Blogger Zanne said...
LEAVE IT. One of the joys of hand-knits is that they are, generally speaking, not perfect. That's what makes it original and unique and special. Is it perfect? No. Is it beautiful? YES. It's very very gorgeous. So who cares if it doesn't match. It's still lovely.

Blogger Stefaneener said...
I'd tend toward the "prancing pony" defense, and leave it unless it makes you insane. The last very cabled sweater I made, I spent more time than I want to confess ripping back large narrow sections and re-cabling.

But. . . maybe this will make you check your cables much more carefully in the future? I'm trying to learn to check first, then go on!

It's going to be so lovely that no one will notice.