Thursday, January 04, 2007
The last of the Christmas knitting
Here they are! The last pairs of Christmas socks. I did also give away a felted purse, but I knit it months ago and forgot to take a picture.

Mel's Pirate Socks

Here are Melly's pirate socks! They're knit in Lorna's Laces Black Purl (hence the name), and they're just twisted rib all the way down.

Mel's Pirate Socks 2

They're ankle socks, because I knew Mel didn't like long socks.

Here are Jana's Jaywalkers.

Jana's Jaywalkers

They're knit in cmtigger's Mickey Mouse yarn, which I couldn't resist once I saw it. (Mickey's pants are red, his bow tie is yellow, and he's black, hence the colours.) It took me a couple of starts to get it to fit, and the final version's legs are kind of pooly, but the feet striped REALLY well!

Jana's Mickey Jaywalkers

And here are Karen's Broadripples.
Karen's Broadripples 2

My favourite thing about these is the ripply top. These are knit in the suggested yarn (which NEVER happens!), Cascade Fixation. I think the colourway is Denim.

Karen's Broadripples

Here's all of my Christmas presents (except the bag), lined up and ready to be wrapped on the 23rd. (Look at all the time I had left over!)

All Christmas Knitting

But to get to that state, I had to weave in approximately a million ends. I actually feel like that isn't much of an exaggeration. Here's the aftermath of that:

The Ends