Tuesday, January 02, 2007
Keeping it up
The last few Christmas FOs will be posted at some point in the next day or two. Photos of the post-Christmas projects (several of which are already finished!) will follow shortly thereafter. I'm hoping to stay in the updating habit a little better this year, unlike previous years where, post-Holidailies, I disappear off the edge of the universe.

In other attempts to keep updated, I've started posting to my booklog again. It's here, and while I don't pretend to have many insightful things to say about most of what I read, I do read quite a bit. So if you're looking for book suggestions, that's the place for you.

My knitting plans for the new year feature a little knitting for myself, a novel concept around these parts. When I was working on my Secret Pal questionnaire, I declared myself an Intermediate Knitter for the first time. That was a good feeling, because I genuinely meant it. I feel I have reached intermediate after years of being a beginner or possibly an advanced beginner. I have tackled a wide variety of patterns and styles and ideas. I've knit sweaters that fit, socks that work, and lace that actually looks like it's supposed to. I'm feeling pretty good about my knitting these days.

Rogue will probably change all that, because to be perfectly honest, it scares the crap out of me. I keep reminding myself that when I started Samus, I didn't know what I was doing. I'll learn as I go. And the instructions are very clear, and everyone in the universe seems to have knit one except me, so I can pester people for help. (There are major advantages to being behind the knitting times.) Just one thing at a time, right? Right.

Of course, then I'll tackle the Reversible Rib Shawl, which I am longing to own even though I have NO IDEA where I'd wear it. (Somebody get married so I can buy a dress to go with it!) It doesn't look hard, but lordy, it looks tedious. Here's hoping I find it soothing rather than boring. I'm not holding my breath.

Anyway. Photos will be up in the next few days. (Jamie has to go back to work next week so I can occasionally reclaim his computer.) The last of the knitted gifts were distributed yesterday, to warm reception. But more about that later on.