Saturday, December 30, 2006
Socks, part one
I made a lot of socks for Christmas. Eight pairs, to be precise, and I still have one more pair to finish and give away for a non-Christmas event coming up next week. (No, Erin, I did not knit you socks for your birthday. Sorry. You got a sweater. No complaining.)

As with all the photos on this blog, you can click on them for larger versions.

The first pair was actually knit over the summer. They were originally intended for my sister-in-law's mother, who was quite sick. Unfortunately, she passed away before I could give them to her, so I finished them up and saved them for my sister-in-law.

Donna's socks 3

They're just basic stockinette socks in KP Sock Garden Hydrangea, which I bought before they discontinued it. They striped quite nicely, I thought. Top down, and I believe I knit these on a 40 inch Addi Turbo size 1. I wouldn't stake money on it, though. Memo to self: keep better notes on projects in the new year. They fit Donna very well and she really liked them. She had the distinction of being the only member of Jamie's family who got a knit present on Christmas Day. (My stepmother-in-law also got a felted bag from me, but that wasn't on Christmas.) I knit for all of them last year so they get a year off from knitted gifts. I might knit my mother-in-law a sweater at some point, though, because she would really love that.

Next up is a pair of Jaywalkers that I knit for Chantal. They're actually my second pair of Christmas Jaywalkers, but they're the first ones I gave and I haven't put up the pictures of the first pair yet, so here you go.

Chantal saw me knitting the first pair (which were for Jana), and admired the pattern. (She knits, so she is more likely than most to pay attention to what I'm working on. Although to give my non-knitting friends credit, they are all very tolerant of me rambling about knitting. Extensively. Especially Karen, although she wants to learn. Still, it is appreciated! And they're all taking up knitting anyway so I choose to take credit for that.) Fortunately, I'd already planned to make her a pair of Jaywalkers, and I decided to test out Cara's favourite combo of Jaywalkers and Socks that Rock.
Chantal's Jaywalkers 2

This is, of course, the famous Grumperina Jaywalker, which pretty much everyone in the universe has knit at some point. It is a delightful pattern even if the fit is a bit of a bitch, and I love how quickly it knits up. This pair is in Socks that Rock Queen Rock colour, and it was knit on a KP 32 inch circular, size 1.

Chantal's Jaywalkers

As you can see, it striped quite nicely on the legs but is pooly in the feet. My other pair is exactly opposite, which kind of amused me. (Photos of the other socks will probably be in the next entry.)

Next up is one of my favourite pairs. I decided back in the summer that I was going to knit my sister's boyfriend a pair of socks, but I changed my mind several times on what kind of socks they'd be. But then, inspiration struck, and I contacted Dani over at Sunshine Yarns. (Memo to friends who never know what to buy me: Dani has gift certificates and I LOVE her yarn. She is the one who dies the fabulous Gryffindor yarn.) She did a fantastic custom dye job for me and sent me the yarn for these:

Dave's Roughrider Socks 2

Dave's first guess (reasonably enough, since he lives with the Gryffindor socks) was that these were Slytherin socks. But they are, in fact, Roughrider socks. As in the CFL football team that is Saskatchewan's only professional sports team, and therefore is much beloved by Dave and pretty much everyone else in the entire province. (There's not a lot else going on in Saskatchewan.)

He was very impressed, and was most amazed at how accurate the colour was. (Dani kicks ass.) He wore them for all of Christmas and enjoyed them immensely, particularly since they managed to be warm but not sweaty. I'm very pleased with them. They were knit on the Addi size 1 40 inch. Straight stockinette, nothing fancy. These were in Dave's stocking.

Beth also got socks in her stocking. We always put silly Christmas socks in each other's stockings (this year I didn't get any, but I did get sock yarn which is even better so no complaints here), so I decided I'd make her some. However, since she was also getting a sweater, and got a pair of socks in August (you can see why my Stitch N Bitch thinks I only knit for my sister!), hers were the last pair to get knit. Hence, they are kind of little short socks, but she likes that so it's ok.

Beth's Christmas Socks 2

Aren't they festive? Those are, again, straight stockinette socks in KP Sock Garden Hollyberry, knit on Addi size 1s. (I stocked up on that yarn before they discontinued it.) They also fit very nicely.

And then, there is my crowning glory. The socks that, six months ago, I was absolutely convinced I'd never be able to knit. The socks that taught me how to read charts, and more importantly, how to read my knitting. That's right. The mighty Pomatomus.

Kristy's Pomatomuses 2

These took me longer than any other pair but I think they are the nicest. They're for Kristy (who better appreciate them, dammit), and they turned out really well. As you can see in this picture

Kristy's Pomatomuses

they pooled totally unevenly, but I don't care. The scales are fantastic, and they are also the first time my mother ever looked at something I was knitting and said "goodness, how do you do that?" That was a proud moment. These are in Socks that Rock Ruby Slippers, which is an awesome colourway, and were knit on my KP Size 1, I think.

So those are the first five pairs of socks. The other three pairs will follow shortly - their pictures have been taken, I just haven't put them up on flickr yet. Stay tuned! (I know, you're waiting with bated breath.)

It was a lot of sock knitting, and I'm a little teeny bit burned out on socks. I think once I finish that other sock, I'll take a small break. I've already made myself a hat and am working on a pair of mittens (my first mittens! I love mittens! They're so cute, and the thumb is so neat, and they're so fast and easy compared to socks!), and I've ordered the yarn for my Rogue and for the first baby blanket I need to make, but I think I'll be back to socks after a week off. Once they aren't deadline socks, I suspect they're going to be a lot more appealing.

Plus, I have yarn for my own pair of Gryffindor socks. And that is going to rule.
Blogger turtlegirl76 said...
Wow! Awesome job! (And it was wierd to see you talk about giving socks to someone named Chantal. That's one of my sister's names and it's spelled just like that! And I gave her socks for her birthday.)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Great socks!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Lovely work, SarahJanet! I'm glad to hear you've already knit a few things for yourself, too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thanks for the socks, Sarah. They are lovely and are keeping my feet warm this very minute.

Blogger SarahJanet said...
I will even blog about yours shortly! I'm really glad you like them.