Monday, December 18, 2006
I don't understand this city. They finally decided last week that they were going to plow all the residential streets (which, you know, woo hoo and everything, but this shouldn't be such a huge deal, because we live in freaking Alberta and therefore they should flipping plow the god damn streets all the time!), and so this morning I got up to find the plow out in our crescent. Woo! Fortunately, I park out back, so I didn't have to plow-dodge to get out (which Jamie did), but when I come home for lunch I park out front.

So I headed home at lunch time with great enthusiasm because I was looking forward to not having to slalom down our street. Except I turned onto the street before ours, and it was...not plowed. And then I turned onto our street and it was also not plowed. The crescent at the end of the street? Totally plowed. The street leading to the crescent? Still snowy. The street that the plow had to DRIVE DOWN to plow our crescent.

What the fuck? Who's running this gong show? And they wonder why people make fun of municipal government. My god.