Saturday, December 09, 2006
Party like it's 1999.
I am having the girliest evening in the history of the universe. I rented four discs of Dawson's Creek (god bless video stores with excellent tv on dvd sections and nice staff who don't make fun of what I'm renting) and have been knitting for three straight hours. Unfortunately, I totally fucked up the last ten rows of my knitting and just frogged it, but that doesn't really reduce the ridiculously girly evening thus far. The yarn is even pink, for god's sake!

Jamie is out, although he did ask a lot of questions about the show when he was briefly home for dinner, and I suspect that he could easily get sucked into making fun of it. (Which is really all I'm doing. I picked discs at random based on ones I seemed to recall Pacey being all cute in. What? Oh, like you don't like Joshua Jackson. And it was rent three get one free!)

I have to say, though, this show has been somewhat ruined by Katie Holmes's recent insanity. I don't really buy her as the delightfully innocent Joey Potter anymore. Not that she was ever very believeable.

Am I blogging about Dawson's Creek? Jesus. What is this, 1999?

Also went Christmas shopping this afternoon, which was wildly productive but mostly on my mother's behalf. Knitting going well. Now if you excuse me, I have a really bad show to watch.
Anonymous Mandy said...

Of course we love some Joshua Jackson. Old Skool DC is fun on rainy days or when you're just feeling a bit nostalgic.