Thursday, December 21, 2006
No more shopping!
The Christmas shopping, it is finished! Halle-freaking-lujah.

Of course, I am such a fabulous friend that I'm taking Mel shopping on Saturday. Yeah. Saturday December 23rd. AKA the worst shopping day in the universe. I am clearly the greatest friend in the history of the universe. (Especially since not only does it mean dealing with stores, but missing several hours of possible knitting time.)

And now Jamie has put the lights up on the tree, and we've had the traditional light-putting-up while watching Beverly Hills, a classic Christmas tradition to be sure. (Jamie is totally getting sucked in and it's hilarious. His alternate dialogue is worth the price of renting the stupid show.)

Even better than being done my Christmas shopping? I'm done work for a week. A glorious week of nothing to do but wrap presents, eat, open presents, and sit around. Ok, and knit furiously. Whee!

Oh, and face shopping on Saturday. Right. Woo.