Tuesday, December 12, 2006
My stomach is disgruntled, my eye is weird and puffy and twitchy (no, it isn’t pink eye, because I’ve had that before and recognize its horrible awfulness immediately, because I had the worst case of pink eye ever that appeared in less than an hour after spring concert one year and then didn’t really go away for nearly TWO MONTHS because it kept jumping from eye to eye like a gross pink pogo stick), and my wisdom tooth hurts. (Well, more specifically, the area around my wisdom tooth hurts.)

Aren’t I just full of the holiday spirit today?

On the bright side, I returned all my overdue library stuff today (yes, I am aware that it’s disgraceful given that I am here every day), which marginally improved the state of the living room. Very marginally. Our house is a total disaster, but I have been knitting in every spare moment and using the to-knit list as an excuse to avoid it. Jamie is stupidly busy and never home, and so things are in rather alarming disrepair. We’ll have a major clean at some point, but that’s hardly an exciting event to look forward to. I like having a clean house, but man alive, I hate the cleaning part. However, if we don’t clean, there isn’t room for a Christmas tree (have I mentioned that our house is small?) so at least there’s motivation. Time, on the other hand, may be a problem. We are now at less than two weeks till Christmas. I’m busy tomorrow night, Jamie’s out Thursday, we might be going out on Friday, and Jamie’s weekend is ridiculous and my Saturday is booked solid from 9am to midnight, probably. And then suddenly it’s a week till Christmas and gaaaaah!

I hate days like these.

But I have Thursday evening free for Survivor, so I can knit around that, and then I have Friday off, so I can spend the whole day knitting with another bad TV marathon, which means another trip to the video store for more delightfully awful DVDs. (They didn’t have Beverly Hills when I was there, which is a damn shame.) Saturday I have to work, but Sunday evening is the Survivor finale, and my incredibly exciting life can continue.