Thursday, September 21, 2006
The State of the Monkey Pants
I'm feeling both guilty and conflicted about my blog at the moment. Guilty, because holy crap, am I bad at updating. I know that in this day and age you're all probably reading through bloglines so it's not like you're checking every day and weeping that I haven't updated, but...still. (Anyway, not many of you are reading through bloglines because I'm subscribed to my own feed (how lame am I? So lame.) and there aren't that many of you.)

And I'm conflicted, because I don't really know what this blog is going to be. The problem I'm having, you see, is that while I'm knitting up a storm at the moment and actually have several FOs right now (finished objects for all of you who don't care about knitting and are just here for the Nathan Fillion pictures, of which I am unfortunately all out. Sorry.), but all of them are Christmas presents for people that I'm fairly sure read my blog. So I don't really want to post pictures of them and then have the surprise ruined for all my delightful friends. (Or possibly just some of them, depending on how much I get done.) I don't have to say who they're for, I realise, but still. Some of the suspense will be gone. What do the rest of you knittyblog people do when you're knitting gifts? Post pictures anyway? Concoct long and elaborate lies about who they're for? Make sure none of your friends know where your blog is? That one won't work because the cat's already out of the bag. (I'm not actually all that convinced that many people I don't know in real life read this thing any more, because of the aforementioned total lack of updates.)

So. Here's what I'm thinking right now. Socktoberfest is in October, and I'll be knitting a pile of Christmas socks. I'm not going to post pictures here, but I will post about the general sock knitting. I'm creating a new flickr account just for holiday knitting, and I am going to TRUST THAT MY FRIENDS WHO MIGHT RECEIVE A KNITTED GIFT FROM ME WILL NOT LOOK AT IT. That way, if you do, you're only ruining it for yourselves. That's right. Looking at the pictures will only RUIN CHRISTMAS. If you want that on your head, not my problem. Just in case you peek, I won't put names of recepients up even there, so you can snoop and guess what might be for you. (And if I find out you peeked, the answer might be NOTHING.)

November, of course, is National Novel Writing Month, and we all know my updates go to hell around then anyway. I'm hoping to actually write more about the whole process this year, because I think it's kind of hilariously insane and would probably be fun to look back on. For me, anyway. The rest of you might be bored stiff.

I haven't decided about Holidailies yet. We'll see how my Christmas knitting is looking. Come the New Year, I should be able to go back to more frequent blogging. (Do you like how I said go BACK to as if I had ever been regularly blogging? I thought that was a nice piece of delusion on my part.) But I am hoping to be a little more frequent. It's not like life is suddenly so exciting that I'm going to have an action-packed blog full of thrills and incredible knitting. But I can probably run to a little more than this. I do actually have some pictures of various knitted things that I have already given, so those will be along shortly. Featuring my sister's most excellent Gryffindor socks!

There you go. There's the predictions for the future of Monkey Pants and Hippo Dignity. Because dammit, I love my blog name too much to abandon it.
Blogger Stariel said...
Well I like your blog. If it's just a bunch of socks I would just post them and not name names, unless they're very obvious favorite colors or something...

Blogger stringthing said...
i didn't know you had a bloglines feed

Blogger Xeryfyn said...
Didnt know about the bloglines feed either--so boo, I really do check back daily and weep and wail when no update is apparent.