Thursday, September 07, 2006
September already? Good grief.
I can't freaking believe it's September already. Where has my life gone? I don't know.

Anyway, it's September, which means several things around here. Firstly, Jamie is back at work which means he's never home and I actually have to cook and stuff. Curses. Still, I made a very tasty macaroni and cheese last night, and tonight we're having roast chicken and roast potatoes. And we're having guests! Sort of. I suppose technically, it isn't a guest, because she lives downstairs. That's right! Erin, my former hooligan roommate, is now living in our basement suite. This is super fabulous in my opinion, possibly less so in Jamie's since there is an excess of giggling. But he's always out anyway. (She's out a lot too, but that just gives me nice peaceful knitting time during the day on my days off.)

Let's see, what else. I met Nathan Fillion! That was pretty freaking cool. And I have proof, in the form of the world's dorkiest photo. There was a whole thing where he grabbed the camera from Karen and I didn't realise he'd done so and he took the picture before I even knew he had the camera, and so I'm clearly not paying attention. But I managed to have a conversation using complete sentences and absolutely no squealing, so I figure I came out on top. Anyway, here it is. Don't look at how dorky I look, just look at how cute he is!
Me, Kristy, and Nathan Fillion!

You can click on that if you need a larger view. I understand.

I got a new laptop! It's an HP and it's very shiny. Poor, beloved Giles crashed entirely last week - couldn't boot except in safe mode. I miss him, weirdly. My new computer (his name is Neville, as suggested by Karen, which is an awesome name) is totally kick-ass, but I was very attached to Giles. I keep thinking about all the things I had on him that I don't have on Neville. Still, Neville has a space bar and, you know, a functional operating system so I'm mostly getting over it. It'll be nice for NaNo, although the wireless might be the death of me. (mmm, wireless. Man, it's so easy!)

Speaking of Nano, it's fast approaching. (That's National Novel Writing Month for those of you who haven't been around for previous years, and it's the one thing that I'm even geekier about than knitting. Yeah, I know, that's pretty geeky.) I know November seems like it's far away, but October is when things really get rolling and that's, like, three weeks away. Although part of me doesn't even want to think about it yet, the nerdy part of my brain is starting to get geared up. I'm going to try to reduce my workload this year as Municipal Liaison (ie Cat Herder, which will forever make me laugh and think of Die-Nasty and Mark Meer's classic line: "Trying to have a conversation with you two is like herding retarded cats!"), because it got a little much last year. We'll see. I have the bare bones of an idea and I'll have to sit down and flesh it out at some point.

And if November isn't far off, Christmas is fast approaching as well. Fifteen and a half weeks! While you non-knitters probably think it's insane to know that, knitters reading this just suddenly went into a big time panic. Given that I pretty much lose a month to NaNo, I am seriously trying to get through the Christmas to-knit list. My plans right now are: two sweaters, eight pairs of socks, and a lace scarf. Yeah. I know. But hey! I'm making great progress. I finished all but the very tail end of one sweater, and another is making supremely fast progress. (Take that, SnB who didn't think I could do it!) I finished my first Christmas sock last night and the second is making quick progress. (Sort of. This pattern is slow, for some reason.) My first Jaywalker is well under way, and is looking great after a frog and restart. I've got all my yarn, and I'm feeling good. October is, of course, Socktoberfest, so I'm aiming to finish my sweater by then and spend all of October ripping through socks. I'm hoping to finish four pairs in October and this pair I'm working on now in September, which leaves a very manageable three for November and December.

I've been pretty productive with my knitting lately, and have finished all my WIPs (works in progress) that aren't Christmas presents. Baby blanket number two is out the door ready to go to the newly arrived baby. Baby blanket number one is with its baby, and was very well received. Look, I even have a picture of that one!

I have pictures of the other one too, I just haven't taken them off the camera yet. Sock Garden socks and Gryffindor socks have gone out to their new homes. I have some lovely pictures of my sister's feet in the Gryffindor socks but they're on my parents camera and I haven't sent them to myself yet. They fit great and look super cute, and I can't wait to finish all these other socks so I can make myself a pair.

I already have a to-knit list consisting of several items for the new year. I guess I'd better get back to this Christmas knitting, then. Turn on the podcast (knitting podcasts rule! Why didn't I know this?), pick up the needles, and back to work I go.
Blogger Xeryfyn said...
Yay nerdy!

Blogger Jo-Jo said...
I've missed the boat, I've heard a few people talk about meeting Nathan, why exactly was this possible? And why was I not told to come to Edmonton for this??

Blogger Kate said...
Okay, now I know why you were so excited to see him. The blanket is pretty too. It's not just pastel colors.

Blogger Avrienne said...
You met Mal! I'm so incredibly jealous!