Thursday, September 28, 2006
It's a good thing I took up knitting...
...because holy CRAP have I started watching a lot of tv. Fortunately, knitting means that I don't really feel guilty when I watch tv for hours on end, because hey! I'm being productive at the same time! Especially right now, when I have a metric crap-ton of knitting to get done, I am quite happy to watch tv at length.

Now, I should clarify. It's not like I used to be this anti-tv zealot or anything. I've always watched a fair amount, but generally it was mostly tv on DVD or reruns or whatever. But now I watch all this stuff that's actually on the air! Fortunately, thanks to our handy dandy Windows Media Centre (aka we don't have Tivo yet in Canada, bastards), I can at least record stuff and zip through commercials.

But seriously, here's my list of stuff I watch: Sundays, Amazing Race, Simpsons, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Extreme Home Makeover. Tuesdays, Dancing with the Stars, and soon to be Veronica Mars. (If we can figure it out. Fucking Canadian networks! Pick up the damn show!) Wednesday, more Dancing with the Stars. Thursday, ER, (those bastards sucked me back in! I was almost out!) Survivor (I know, I'm so ashamed), and CSI (who also sucked me back in).

That's like, ten shows! That's insane.

Anyway, enough about my bad tv habits. The good news is that the combination of chaperoning band camp, which involves a lot of sitting around, and catching up on all the tv that I missed while at band camp, meant that I finished my first pair of holiday socks today. Woo hoo! And now I'm down to the far more managable number of seven pairs to make. One sock is about two inches away from the toe, another is about two inches into the leg. Slow but steady. I can definitely finish the almost-done sock this weekend, and hopefully make a good start on its mate. The just-started sock is going much faster than I expected, which is a pleasant surprise. (It's harder than my usual sock.) I'm going to cast on a stockinette sock (I have several pairs to make) so I have something mindless for the movies and such. I have an elaborate system involving having several socks on the needles depending on who I'm going to be seeing while I'm knitting. Fortunately, several pairs are for out of town people. (Oooh, a clue! My out of town friends can now all get excited, until they realise that I have, like, five in town friends these days and everyone else has abandoned me.)

Anyway, this first pair is looking good and given that I cast them on during the flight home from Britain on JULY FREAKING SECOND I'm very happy to have them done. (In my defense, I've finished two pairs of other socks, two sweaters, and two baby blankets since then.)

The marathon continues. Is my holiday knitting list totally unrealistic? Who knows. Stay tuned to find out.