Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Mystery Knitting
I have officially moved into holiday knitting. While this is good news in general (I still have nearly five months! I might actually finish without losing my mind!), it isn’t going to make for the world’s most exciting blogging. (In other news, Word needs to get with the times – don’t tell me blogging isn’t a word! Geez.)

This weekend, I did something I virtually never do: I bailed on my best friend. She was in Jasper for about 24 hours and I was supposed to go meet her. While I would have liked to get out of town and also see her, the combined factors of (1) I was really damn tired, (2) that’s a lot of damn driving in 24 hours all by myself, (3) by the time we got there it would be late Friday evening already and we’d have to leave by mid-Saturday afternoon, and while I would totally do that if I wasn’t going to see her again for a while, I’m going to Calgary next week, so…yeah. I totally didn’t go.

Anyway, as a result, a previously busy weekend became quite delightfully free. I went to my future sister-in-law’s stagette on Friday night, and then had the rest of the weekend totally to myself. Jamie was at his brother’s stag all day Saturday, so I got up ridiculously late (ahhhh) and settled in to my chair for a delightful day of knitting secret Christmas project number one. I started it several months ago but haven’t had dedicated time to work on it due to various other deadlines, but I was officially finished with all my non-holiday knitting. Baby blanket – out the door, after several minor disasters. Sock Garden socks – finished except for weaving in the ends, which will only take a minute, and otherwise ready to go to their recipient this weekend. Gryffindor Socks number one – also just need their ends woven in, ready to go for my sister’s visit at the end of the month. July was a productive knitting month.

Anyway, this mega project had one lengthy element to it that required both attention and a spreadsheet to get through it, so I’ve only been working on it when I’m at home and paying some attention. I decided that a free weekend left me no excuse, so I fired up my new Angel DVDs, and settled in for a long day of knitting.

There were, of course, some setbacks. My future-sister-in-law (also my downstairs neighbour)’s sister needed driving to the medi-centre, and so several hours of my afternoon were eaten up with that. (However, good sock progress was made!) The bachelor party needed chauffeuring around for a while, and that took a bit of time. But by the end of Saturday I was halfway through the computer-requiring section of the top-secret project.

Sunday rolled around and I had even less to do. I taught myself something to speed up the process (my god, this is annoying – I’ll have to rewrite all of these entries after Christmas), and three full discs of Angel later, was finished the fiddly section and had moved into the mindless stockinette section.

I took it to my Stitch and Bitch last night, and I was roundly mocked for my ridiculous to-knit list. Naturally, they threw the gauntlet down and challenged me to knit the whole main section before next month’s stitch and bitch. Now, they all totally don’t think I can do it, but I’m pretty sure I can. It’ll take some monogamous knitting (not my strong suit), but I’ve been doing pretty well with that since we got back from our trip, and another month of it should do it.

So! Stay tuned to see if I can finish an random section of a mysterious project in time for a totally arbitrary goal. Thrilling, isn’t it?
Blogger Xeryfyn said...
Everything sounds so...mysterious!

With all your mysterious knitting are you going to have time to NaNo this year??

Anonymous Anonymous said...
geez. that's even more vague than my "hypothetically i could maybe tape hockey for you if there were to be a hypothetical game 6 and maybe even but not necessarily a hypothetical game 7"