Sunday, April 23, 2006
Hockey Rocks My Socks
God. I seem to forget, in the drought years, just how much playoff hockey makes me hyperventilate. The Oilers are back in the playoffs after a few years out (one of which was due to the lockout, obviously), and my blood pressure has risen accordingly. I spent Friday night at work listening to the game (streaming audio is my new best friend), and then watched overtime at IHOG. (The International House of Girls, where three of my friends live.) Today I was asleep for part of the game (Jamie was obligingly waking me up with updates), since I was out until very uncivilised hours of the night last night. But I caught the third period, which was full of hyperventilating excitement. So now the series is tied 1-1 as it heads back to Edmonton, where I will not be catching any games despite my best efforts to get tickets.

Despite all the hockey trauma, I have successfully finished a pair of socks this weekend and have just finished the gusset on another sock that I just started yesterday. This is partly due to my ever increasing sock speed (this is now my fifth pair since mid-February), but also due to the fact that I made them quite short since I'm not convinced I'll have enough yarn. I'm using the very snazzy Socks that Rock in the Fire on the Mountain colourway, and while it is definitely stunning, it's not quite as fantastic as I had hoped - there's a bit of pooling. But it's growing on me as I knit, which is a good sign.

The socks I finished yesterday (aside from the toes - I'm not going to graft them until I try them on my coworker) were for someone with size six and a half feet, and let me tell you, it made me wish my feet were small and skinny, because the amount of yarn I saved was not insignificant. They were just straightforward stockinette socks in Knit Picks Sock Garden Daffodil, and they turned out to have lovely stripes. Our digital camera is in the shop right now so you'll have to picture it in your heads.

The baby blanket for the August-due baby is sitting on the back of the couch, just waiting for a wash. I'm not sure when I'll send it along to the mother-to-be, but it's nice to have it done. It's a pretty straightforward blanket - garter stitch squares in yellow and white checkerboard - and it's quite big for a baby blanket. Several bags are knit and just waiting for felting (I am super lazy - they've been done for months), and a couple of other projects are in various stages of progress.

So while I have done very little this weekend that didn't involve sitting on my ass, at least I have a lot of knitting to show for it. And I finished my book for book club tonight, and although I was kind of bored by it, it feels like one of those books that will suddenly make a bunch of references make sense. And that was kind of the point of Book Club II: Electric Bookaloo, so I'm happy with that.

That's been my exciting weekend. Now do you see why I haven't been updating much?