Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Excuse me while I have a nervous breakdown
Jesus Mary and Joseph, I think I might have to reknit the toe of this sock due to the EXTREME TENSION. Not the yarn tension, though. The freaking hockey tension. Double overtime and I have a long and storied history of extreme stress, and tonight was no exception. Still, after we recovered from the disallowed goal that Detroit scored in the first overtime period, it was an exciting second overtime.

We did possibly the nerdiest thing I've ever done tonight, and when you think about all the nerdy things I've done in my lifetime (oh, the list is too long to even think about, but let's see, I think going to the bookstore in my wedding dress to buy Harry Potter VI is probably up there, as is the Gryffindor yarn I bought earlier (which, by the way, WOO!)!), that's saying a lot. My sister and our friend Mel, both obsessive Oilers fans, are living in Vancouver, and apparently it was decided by the people at CBC that nobody in BC would want to watch the Oilers, so they were stuck with the Calgary game. Being that they both bleed blue and copper, this was not a very appealing option. (Although the rivalry has died down with Calgary, particularly since Edmonton got behind Calgary in the finals two years ago, one still chooses an Oilers game over the Flames any day.)

Anyway, it occurred to Mel that perhaps somebody might have a webcam that they could aim at the TV so they could catch the game. And although we don't own one, we had one we could borrow. So borrow it we did, and Jamie went to his mum's house to get the software for it. We got it set up (making Jamie late for his rehearsal in the process) so that Beth and Mel could watch the game over the webcam, using our Media Centre on the computer, which has a tv tuner.

Alas, the radio wasn't synched up with the tv feed, so they would have no sound. Unless...fortunately, my sister has this weird computer phone system thingy that allows her to have a local Edmonton number wherever she goes. So I changed the answering machine message to redirect people t my cell phone, called her up, and left the phone by the speaker. Voila! We have an improvised (and mediocre, but better than nothing!) live CBC feed to Vancouver. They watched all of regulation time that way, and then OT was shown out there as the Calgary game was done.

So now I have one day to recover (which I will spend at what promises to be a dull work seminar and then having a Veronica Mars marathon/Amazing Race viewing with Karen and Paul) before the madness starts again on Thursday. I think I might need some slightly more mindless knitting, though - concentrating on four needles is a bit much for my brain past regulation time.

Now if you'll excuse me, I believe I will go and lie down with a paper bag. And possibly a stiff drink.

Go Oilers Go!
Anonymous Anonymous said...
How strange to come across the blog of someone I know on a random web search. *Extends sympathy for the Oilers' loss*