Wednesday, February 01, 2006
I am heading down a short path to an obvious destination.

I am becoming an obsessive knitter.

Now, a lot of people (my husband included) would argue that "becoming" is an unnecessary word in that statement. There is a possibility that they are correct on this front, but I read a lot of blogs. I am fairly confident that up until now, I could be classified as merely an enthusiastic knitter.

It's a slippery slope, though.

Lately, I have been spending many of my lunch hours at the yarn store which is conveniently but dangerously located extremely close to work. I think it's a bad sign when you are developing a relationship with your local yarn store staff. There's always something I need. A particular size of needles (double pointed, mostly, these days, since my Denise Interchangeables mean I don't need many others unless they're teeny tiny or enormous.) I finished a booga bag the other day, and the next day, I was there buying more wool to make another one.

Today, I forgot to bring my knitting with me. I spent almost all of my break twitching. And without my knitting, I was reduced to...reading about knitting. Of the 21 books currently on hold on my library card (one of the best tools in my knitter's arsenal), 12 of them are knitting books. One of them, Knit Lit Too, is a collection of stories about knitters. Reading them, I was absolutely longing to get the needles back in my hands. I have about half an hour when I get home before I have to eat dinner. The dilemma is, of course, to nap or to knit.

For the first time, it's a difficult decision.

My stash is beginning to take over the house. It's been wrestled into submission in two large tupperware containers, organized into yarn I'm likely to use and bits and pieces that aren't going to get used until I make a scraps scarf or something. The active projects get promoted to the basket that lives by my chair. Needles have, temporarily, been organized into various needle holders (one for double pointeds and circulars, another for straights, and my main line of defense: the Denises.) Notions are tucked into my knitter's bag, into the little pouches provided for exactly that.

My Christmas list has already been started. I'm jotting down patterns, marking books that I need and putting holds on likely looking candidates. I'm plotting out my knitting schedule, figuring it all out.

I think it's becoming an unstoppable juggernaut. I'd ask you to save me, but I'm not sure that I want to be saved.

The next step, of course, is to start converting my friends. I've got one person at work totally sucked in. Signing up for the Knitting Olympics and everything. The rest of your backs. You've seen how easily I've sucked you into NaNoWriMo. You are powerless against my persuasive personality.
Blogger Cara said...
Well, so far I have managed to resist the pull of NaNo but I just might be interested in at least learning to knit. In the interest of creative development and all.

Anonymous Erin said...
You'll never get me knitting Sarah... I don't even have the patience to finish this comment, much less a -