Friday, February 10, 2006
The Actual Olympics
God, I love the Olympics. And no, not just because of the knitting. How can you resist when they tell you that, despite the fact that their countries are at war, the Koreans are marching in together?

Ok, the little tidbit about the poor doves who got FRIED in Korea is a little less touching. And Yoko Ono is still sort of insane. But I guarantee that the moment Peter Gabriel starts singing I will suddenly get something in my eye.

Even the commercials get me during the Olympics. I know, I'm a total sucker. But I'm totally the target audience for these things. I am a fairly big sports fan, but I'm also a weepy girl. That's a lethal combination during the Olympics.

Watching all the Canadians with their cameras, singing along, taking pictures, cheering, and just looking so genuinely happy - it's easy to get swept up in the patriotism.

(Ok, Peter Gabriel, I'm not so convinced you're a good choice for this song. We miss you, John Lennon.)