Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Speeding Time
The mad rush of family gatherings has dissipated somewhat, much to my relief. So today I am sitting around in my pajamas and watching Degrassi Junior High. If that isn't a quality way to spend an afternoon, I don't know what is. My goodness, this show is campy. Hurry up with the Degrassi High DVDs, Degrassi people!

Jamie is in the study building the elliptical right now, and there is so far a surprising lack of expletives coming from that direction. Maybe he shut the door, because otherwise it seems rather suspicious.

Nice glasses, Wheels. Hee.

The social schedule is continuing at a clip this week, although it's with my friends rather than relatives, for the most part. Dinner plans, a wedding, New Year's Eve party, and suddenly it's a new year. I find myself wondering where exactly the last year has gone. I have a lot to show for it, I suppose - two trips, one move, and getting married - but I don't feel like a whole year has happened since the last time New Year's rolled around. It alarms me that people say time goes faster as you get older. If time keeps speeding up at this rate, by the time I'm 50 I'll barely have time to go to the bathroom between New Year's Parties.